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Exercise pays off

Whale Mackay, Queensland, Australia
I previously mentioned that turning you hobby into exercise would reap results and for me that certainly came true. I was out walking last evening and there was a whale going past the Marina breakwater. Yes, I had my camera with me and got a shot.

The whale was a fair way out and my camera hasn't a large zoom lens so it's not a shot with great detail. After a little zooming in with photoshop, you can see the splash of the whales tail. With the naked eye we could just see the blow as the whale surfaced and a splash, so to get that tail image with a bit of software manipulation was a good result.

Now this sighting of the whale is a particular thrill for me as I actually took a trip south a month or so ago to go whale watching. To have a whale in your backyard so to speak, is very special and I went home after my walk very boyant about the experience.

And right there is the benefit of getting out and being active. You may not see a whale like I did, it may be a child smiling or a bird flying past that will give you a great feeling of satisfaction, but there will be something if we choose to look.

The only things we will see from the couch is the rubbish on television, not the real beauty where we live. Getting out and walking will refresh both your mind and your body. Life is so good you can't afford to waste a moment of it.


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