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I think it's working

Just a few days into my weight loss program and I can feel my clothes slightly looser already. I haven't weighed myself as yet, that comes tomorrow moning, but you know by your clothes that it's working. Just as you know by your clothes when you put weight on.

We have been eating delicious dinners which are low in calories and will continue to lose weight naturally, not following fad diets. I want to avoid fatty food while eating a little healthier and to that aim we have incorporated fish such as tuna and salmon where we can. They are high in Omega 3 oils which will help lower my cholesterol level. With the exercise, weight loss and healthy eating, hopefully I can reduce the medication that I take for cholesterol.

Here is a great recipe that my partner makes with tuna and pasta. It is really delicious, the pasta makes you feel satisfied and the tuna is so good for health.

Yesterday I had a fair workout in the gym. Walking is great but they say that humping weights will burn more calories, so I will try to mix up my exercise with walking, a gym session or 2 each week and a game of golf. Mixing it up will also keep me from being bored with the one type of exercise.


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