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Exercise leads you to many thrilling things and today was no exception.

It was raining this morning so I missed my usual game of golf and decided that I would go out later in the day and take some photographs at the botanical gardens. There is a lovely lagoon with a shelter nearby where I can keep the camera dry yet take some good shots of rain making ripples on the water.

After parking the car and sprinting as fast as I could to the shelter I really knew that I was exercising. Nothing like a bit of rain to make one hurry. As soon as I got my breath back and set up the camera, the rain stopped. Oh well, change of plans, instead of ripples in the water I could take some shots of ducks or flowers. There is always something interesting when you have your camera at the ready.

A young girl came by and dived in the water! Got that shot. A pelican flew past, got that also. What a good decision to come to the gardens today. I started walking around and before I knew it, I was exercising, walking along the paths looking for other interesting shots. (you can see the photos here)

Within the flowers section of the gardens I noticed a strong smell of garlic and there was a patch of wild garlic with the most beautiful violet flowers. I took many shots of this, bending down, laying on the ground, twisting to get the best angle from which to photograph this delightful show of nature. Yes, I was exercising again.

My wife came over to see what I was doing laying on the ground and when she smelt the garlic she hinted that it reminded her of a mushroom and garlic sauce I sometimes make and how well it would go with the lamb chop she had planned for dinner.

See what I mean about exercise leading to other things?


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