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Eating Breakfast Helps to Lose Weight

You need to make breakfast the most important meal for the day.

Why? Because eating breakfast kicks the metabolism into gear and starts the body burning calories instead of storing fat.

Now I don't mean you should sit down to a huge helping of fatty bacon and eggs, just a simple slice of toast or a small bowl of cereal is the ideal way to get that metabolism racing. If you are counting calories you should be able to fit in around 200 calories for breakfast easily into the daily intake allowance.

If you are doing some morning exercise like walking for 30 minutes, you should have breakfast within an hour after the exercise or workout to get the full benefit to your metabolism rate. Eating breakfast not only gets the metabolism started, it actually helps your resolve to stick to a planned eating program. As you are less hungry you will not overeat at the next meal or will be less likely to snack before lunch.

These are just a couple of reasons for having breakfast. Breakfast is another tool you can use on the road to becoming a slimmer, fitter person and let's face it, the more tools we use on a weight loss program the easier it will be to get down to your goal weight.


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