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Easy recipes for males

Eating healthy and losing weight doesn't mean you have to eat food you don't enjoy. In fact it can be a totally enjoyable experience and something to fully share with your friends and family.

Being on a health kick, I have researched foods that are low in calories and high on the goodness scale, so yesterday I decided to give my gorgeous partner the day off from the kitchen and made the evening meal.

Being an entirely new recipe that I invented in my head on the spur of the moment, I did have a little apprehension if it would taste good, but really it was a no brainer, except for the salad dressing. I really didn't know how that would turn out but decided to give it a go anyway.

I called my recipe Healthy Heart Salmon Salad and got to work putting it together. Yeah, I know ladies, you really have to work very hard to spoil a salad so I was taking the easy way out, but I was proud of working out how to make the salad dressing, just hope it actually tastes good.

My biggest consideration when dreaming up this recipe was to keep calories low while trying to add Omega 3 into my diet to combat the high cholesterol problem. Salmon fits the bill perfectly and I enjoy the taste very much. Also using the canned variety made my job so much easier. Total calories are only around 250 per serve. You can see the Healthy Heart Salmon Salad recipe here!

My wife sat down and asked me where I got the recipe for the salad dressing and I kind of think she was expecting it to be a little strange. I was quite relieved when she gave it a taste and put the thumbs up. I asked her later if I should make it again one day and she enthusiastically said I should.

I wonder if it really tasted good or she just wants to get out of cooking?

Anyway, after the success of the Healthy Heart Salmon Salad I have dreamed up some more recipes I will try over the coming weeks. Now I won't do the cooking everynight because I don't want to spoil my partner, but will do one or two a week just so I can have something delicious to eat.

Hmmmm I hope my wife doesn't read this blog, I could be in trouble. :)


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