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easy eating healthy

It's gets easier everyday to keep eating healthy food. Last night we had steamed chicken and fennel and it tasted delicious. We have never tried fennel before and it certainly has an unusual aromatic taste, yet we enjoyed it because of the fact it was unusual.

Having meals that are under 450 calories in total seems to fill the belly up without that bloated feeling. I certainly can't eat as much as I used to just 5 or 6 weeks ago and you get used to smaller meals very quickly. My clothes are getting baggy and today I tried on a pair of shorts that I haven't worn for a long time and they fit perfectly.

Now that in itself is a great achievement. To go down one clothes size is proof that healthy eating with moderate exercise not only works, it can be a lifestyle change that one can employ for all time. Many fad diets simply don't work because once a person tries to lead a normal life they put on all the weight they lost.

I have lost almost 7 kilos, or a stone, just by thinking about how many calories food that I will eat contains, before I eat it. We still go out for dinner once a week and have fish and chips once a week, but on those days, I make sure whatever else I eat is low in calories. For example when we have fish and chips for lunch, I have a piece of toast and tuna for breakfast and only salad for the evening dinner meal. This way I keep the total calories consumed under control, live a normal life, yet don't feel as if I have cheated my diet.

The end of this week I get the cholesterol results back and today I received all clear results of a bowel cancer test that I was part of, conducted by the government. Eating healthy is sensible and something very positive that you can do for yourself.


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