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Different Scales For Weighin

new scales for weigh in.

I had a bit of a problem with scales this week. The digital scales I have been using each week don't seem to want to weigh less than 99.4 kilos. Last week they seemed to work fine and weighed me in at 90 kilos then on the Wednesday when I received my cholesterol results, the doctor’s scales weighed me in at 87 kilos.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that the doctor’s scales are incorrect but I truly didn't feel as if I was an 87 kilo human yet. Yes, I feel fantastic and have lost weight, I just doubted if I had lost that much. So I took myself down to the Chemist and put a coin in their large scales and okay, I wasn't the weight the doctor’s scales said.

Armed with this information I searched the shop for a decent set of scales and they had a nice large set which would be good for my purposes. Of course I tried them out and they weighed me at the same weight as the large scales. So these are the scales I will use from now on for my weigh in day.

So after all this, today I stepped on the new scales and my current weight is 89.0 kilos. That is a loss of 1 kilo for the week and I feel fantastic.


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