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Counting Calories

It is possible that by counting calories you can lose weight without changing your diet habits or exercise regime. Just by knowing how many calories you consume and making sure that you don't eat more than your body needs, weight loss can be possible.

Most overweight people eat too much, that's how they got to be overweight in the first place. So if you reverse that situation and eat less than what your body needs, you will lose weight.

If you take the time to see how many calories are in the food you eat, you will soon know what you are eating without having to read the labels or carry a book around with you. It's fairly simple to remember the calories a slice of white bread contains or how many calories in that bucket of chips. You don't need to be one hundred percent accurate either. If you are out by ten percent it's not really going to spoil the overall benefit of counting calories to lose weight.

Men need over 1500 calories per day, so if you want to lose weight keep your calorie count under 1500. Women need less than men so keeping a womens calorie count down around 1000 will do the same for them.

So if you want a chocolate cookie, remember that it costs about 120 calories of your daily allowance. Can you eat it, of course you can as long as you trade off other food.

Diets don't have to be absolute misery, they just need you to watch the amount that goes into your mouth. Count calories, then eat what you want up to your calorie limit.


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