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Isn't control a fascinating word? For me, it conjures up a vision of something solid, reliable and steady, like a policeman directing traffic.

When we take a journey to lose weight, we certainly need control. We need to control our food intake and we need self control so that we don't break our resolve and slide back to those bad habits that put on the weight in the first place.

The first control we need to consider is portion control. This is one of the hardest controls to manage as portion size is crucial to weight loss. It's like the boy with his finger in the dyke, if you don't reduce the flow of food into your stomach you get flooded with calories and the weight stacks up and up. If this wasn't a problem for you, you wouldn't be reading this.

You really do need to read the labels on the side of food packaging and consider what they recommend as a serving size. If you go to MacDonnell’s, just order the smallest size meal and you will realize what portion control really means. It's those jumbo sized meals or the second helping that has caused your weight problem.

And that leads us directly to the second control you must consider if you want to lose weight, SELF CONTROL!

You need self control to buy that small Maccas meal, or to push the plate away after one helping. You need self control to do some exercise every day to burn unwanted calories. You need self control to say no to foods that are full of fat and full of calories.

Ask yourself what or who caused you to get fat in the first place. Answer it honestly and you will see that the person responsible is nobody else but you. And it was because you had no control. You didn't demonstrate portion control and you certainly didn't demonstrate an ounce of self control.

Take control over your weight starting today. You can do it!


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