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Continuing The Battle

I haven't made a blog post since I reached my goal weight, but I want to let you all know I haven't slackened off and reverted back to the old bad habits. Believe me, I will never go down that fat path again.

What I did learn from losing those 20 odd kilos is what I can and can't eat. It is good to kinow that you can go out for that restaurant meal, or have that odd take away meal without it hurting your overall plan. You just have to realise what you have eaten and watch your calories again for the next day or 2 to balance the excess.

Things that I eliminated from my diet completely, such as potato crisps and chocolate cookies, were no good for my health anyway. I will never eat them in any quantity ever again, if at all. They are full of calories and full of fat. These are the type of foods that is labeled as junk foods and that is precisely what it is for the body, total junk.

But the biggest single thing that I learnt losing all that weight was the fact that I knew all along precisely how I got fat in the first place and how I could lose it all again. Yes, I knew exactly why and how and always knew what to do, but I never had the motivation to get off my butt and do what I had to do to lose weight. Looking back now, I can only shake my head and feel sad I didn't try to keep my weight under control in the first place.

Is it a loss of self esteem and self image why we allow ourselves to get fat? Or is the reason why we make ourselves fat just pure laziness. Some may say it is genetics, some may blame health problems, but really deep down it is purely just a matter of eating too much, plus eating junk.

I will never again eat so much that I feel bloated. I will never again eat foods that are absolutely so full of fat you can't help but put on weight. I will never again stop watching what I weigh and weigh myself at least once a month and do something straight away if I have gained a pound or two.

It feels good to be normal. It feels so good not to be fat. I knew exactly how I got fat and also knew deep down how I could lose weight. I simply had to decide to do it. You can do it too. Why not decide today to "just do it".


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