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continuing health program

Yesterday was a busy yet very rewarding day. So many positives come from keeping busy and so much enjoyment can come from those positives.

Some might consider how my day started as something negative. I had to go for a blood test to check those high cholesterol levels. I find this a real positive as I know where the main danger is to my continuing health. We all know that high cholesterol is the major contributor to heart attacks and strokes, so yes it's a positive to know the danger.

After the blood test, where I will get the results in about a week, I purchased a polarizing filter for my camera and on the way home stopped at a local beach to check if the area would have some good scenes for taking images of a sunrise. It is marvelous what happens when you haven't got your camera with you. While there a group of black cockatoos were feeding on the ground, which is quite rare, but we quickly drove home grabbed the cameras and got some great shots of these beautiful Australian native birds.

Back home I hit the office and did some work for a few hours before my evening exercise. I chose a beach side area about a 10 minute drive from home to take a walk and of course took the cameras to film the sunset. Wow we really got something special from nature and there’s is an image I captured below for you to see.

I had a nice dinner planned with my wife, so on arrival home after cleaning up a little, I cooked the evening meal. Of course it was a low calorie meal to keep in sync with the continuing weight loss program but with a bit of spice to satisfy the raging taste buds.

I threw together a chicken cashew stir fry with sweet chilli soy sauce. Again my partner asked where I got the recipe from, all in the head I answered but didn't tell her that I originally planned a meal that would have seen the chicken braised in the wok and vegetables steamed. Ahhhh, the ease of changing track when you are busy.

All turned out well, the meal was really delicious even if I say so. Afterwards I spent a little time editing photos, uploading a few to Flickr and enjoying the stunning images. At the end of the day I felt I had achieved so much, enjoyed a full day and taken positive steps toward continuing the healthy lifestyle.

Sundown at Slade Point, Queensland, Australia.


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