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Cholesterol Results

Just got back from the doctors and the results are fantastic. My bad cholesterol level is down to 3.4 and the good cholesterol is up to 1.4. This is a great result and very pleasing to both my doctor and myself.

The reduction in the cholesterol level was achieved by a combination of medication, healthy eating and exercise. Proves you can do anything with a positive mindset, realistic goal setting and a desire to improve.

I also found that I might need a new set of scales. I was a little down on myself for not making the mini goal of being below 90 kilos on the first of this month. By the doctor’s scales I am not only under 90 kilos, I actually weigh in at 87 kilos. Love his scales. Last time I visited the doctor I weighed 94.5 kilos and the weight loss even put a smile on his face.

Makes me determined to continue this program of healthy eating and fun exercise. I want to get that cholesterol down under 2.8 and my weight under 75 kilos. Life is great and I will be around longer now to fully enjoy it.


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