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Break Out The Champagne

I made it - 75kilos
Drum Roll Please!
Let the Fireworks begin!
Start the Celebrations!

Today I hit the weight goal that I set last August. I have got down to 75 kilos on my scales, which are the ones that I have used here for this blog.

It's a rather good feeling to get the weight under control and reach this milestone. I am actually 2 months in front of the time limit I placed back in August, but what are a few weeks or months for that matter. The main point is that I have shed that 20 something kilos and learned a lot about eating to be healthy in the time that it took.

Yesterday morning, at the end of my daily walk, I decided to do something that I have only dreamt of doing for a long time. I took the short walking track through the dunes to the beach and then ran, yes the word is ran, from the waters edge, up the sand dune, up the track through the dunes and up through the picnic park to where the car was parked. Perhaps 200 meters, all uphill.

Now this may not be something exciting for most people, but for me it was one of those real major achievements. Not just the fact you can run that far when your sixty odd years of age, the fact that when I started, the first morning I went for a walk it was to this very spot and walking back I was absolutely breathless halfway from the water to the car and had to stop for a rest. And I only was walking. Sad isn't it that you can't walk maybe 200 meters without huffing and puffing.

It is not as exciting today making the goal weight as it was yesterday running up those sand dunes because yesterday showed that not only had I lost a lot of fat from my body, the body is now healthy and I can look forward to many years of fun and enjoyment doing things that many others sadly cannot experience.

To me the main reason for attempting to lose weight was health wise. I didn't want to be old and not able to go where I wanted to go. I didn't want to have a hard time squeezing into an airplane seat. I didn't want to visit places which meant avoiding walking up and down stairs. I wanted to live longer and enjoy every day. I knew if I didn't do something about my weight soon, my life would end a lot earlier than I wanted.

Today I set a goal to lose another 3 kilos and then maintain my weight around 73 kilos for the rest of my life.


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