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Biggest Loser New Season

The new season of Biggest Loser has begun in Australia and features the usual line up of people who are on a weight loss journey. In just a week of competition the weight loss for all contestants has been amazing with the smallest weight loss for the whole group being a very good 3 kilos or 6.5 pounds.

The amazing result, and this is the main point in this blog post, is one contestant's weight loss of over 10 kilos without the high exercise routine of the other competitors.

John has a heart problem that restricts his exercise to walking no more than 40 minutes, 3 times per day. When the problem was picked up by the shows medical team, it was decided that instead of sending him home and out of the show, he would be allowed to stay in the Biggest loser house, gaining the benefit of the programs weight loss specialists and perhaps saving John's life. So severe is his heart problem, John is not allowed to raise his heart rate above 100 because the strain could cause an immanent heart attack.

John's weight loss of 10 kilos already, just by walking and watching his diet, is proof positive to what I have been advocating in this blog as to the advantages of substantial weight loss benefits of moderate exercise and diet modification.

If John can lose weight, with a serious heart condition, you can also. Perhaps you should consider taking up walking before you end up with a heart condition like John.


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