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Another Weight Loss Week

This week I managed to lose half a kilo or just on one pound and it feels good. I don't mind small weight loss figures when they are consistent and in the right direction... DOWN.

This week I hit the scales at 77.75 kilos or 171 pounds. This is just 2.75 kilos to reach my goal that was made here on the blog last August. It will be great to meet that goal then watch this space for some new targets for the future.

The flooding that occurred to our town last week has receded and the town is slowly getting back to normal. Many people lost all their possessions and businesses were severely affected, some losing all of their stock. We should count our blessings as there were horror stories about how some people awoke to find themselves waist deep in water. No lives were lost, possessions can be replaced.

Personally, I am thrilled to be back into the exercise program and feeling fitter and healthier each day. Life is so wonderful and disasters do occur from time to time. It is how we face adversity that matters and if we continue to look at things in a positive manner, the adversity lessens in magnitude. When I first decided to start a weight loss program, I honestly thought that it was a huge mountain to climb. Well I am almost to the top of that mountain now and can tell you that it wasn't hard to climb at all.

When you finally decide to start your own weight loss program, stay positive and stay on the course. You can do it. If I did, so can you.


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