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Another week another kilo

weigh in 15-10-07This week seems to have gone really fast and here we are again at weigh in time. Good news again and another kilo taken off with sensible diet and moderate exercise.

My weight today is 88 kilos. Remember my starting weight was 97.2 kilos, which is a total weight loss so far of 9.2 kilos or just on 20 pounds.

Yesterday I was enjoying my hobby and was out taking photos and I found a great place to enjoy a walk. It is at the end of a beach and as you round a headland there is a track leading into the dunes that then take you up a steep path to a fantastic lookout overlooking the Whitsunday Islands. This is somewhere I will love going once or twice a week and it will give a great workout, plus break from the boredom that can creep in walking the same area day after day. You can see the photo of the steps here!

And that leads me to another observation. You need to vary what you eat so you won't get bored with the same thing time after time. This week I enjoyed 2 full meals with just stir fry vegetables. No meat of any kind, just any vegetable that was in the fridge.

If you had said to me about 3 months ago that here is a meal of just vegetables, I would have said you are kidding. But I actually enjoyed them and made a nice soy and chili sauce to go with the dish and can honestly say it was delicious. Losing weight isn't all that hard after all.


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