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Another Small Positive Step

Todays weigh in saw another half pound less, or a weight loss of .25 of a kilo. Not a big number, yet still a step in the right direction. Today I weighed 81.25 kilos or 178.75 pounds.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I am not going to count calories or worry about my weight. Christmas Day is a day to enjoy the family, have a nice meal and appreciate your lot in life. I won't make a pig of myself, but certainly won't shun foods that I haven't touched for a long time. I am looking forward to having some apple pie and custard.

I don't think that one day is going to ruin my weight loss program, and Christmas Dinner is really just one meal. Of course, Boxing Day will see my calculating those calories once more and working toward my overall weight loss goal.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great time and enjoy!

(PS. Still haven't fixed the image problem so will post the scales images as soon as possible.)


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