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Weigh In 28-01-08

weightin-28-01-08Another milestone was passed today with the scales showing clearly under 80 kilos. It's more than satisfying to reach this mark, a weight that I have not been near for quite a few years.

Today’s weight = 79.5 kilos or 175 pounds
Weight loss for week = .5 kilo or 1 pound
Weight loss to date = 17.7 kilos or 39 pounds

Somebody asked me the other day if losing weight is hard. I thought about it for a little while and the answer is no, it isn't really hard to lose weight, all you need to do is the opposite to what put the weight on in the first place, and putting it on wasn't hard at all.

Once you start good things begin to happen. Counting calories is not hard but you do need a determination to succeed and will power to stay away from junk food. Walking is good for your health and becomes very enjoyable after awhile. These 2 things together, keeping calorie intake under 1500 a day and moderate exercise, will ensure you lose weight consistently.

I put on weight by not exercising and eating too much of the wrong foods. Now I am doing the reverse, exercising and eating good food and a lot less food that before. Easy isn't it, as long as I keep doing that I will never have a problem with my weight again. When are you going to start?


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