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Same Weight Again This Week After Easter

There has been no loss again this week, perhaps 100 grams, but nothing worth reporting. I am not unhappy though as there was no weight gain and that's the real bonus.

As I am nearing my weight goal, just 2 kilos to go, it is important to start living life as normal. With Easter there were many temptations, not the least those yummy chocolate Easter Eggs. If you realize the calories that they contain and adjust your eating to suit the overall calorie intake, you can indulge yourself with a treat and trade off those calories somewhere else during the day.

For example, I did eat an Easter Egg that was 500 calories. For dinner that night I had a simple garden salad that would have been no more than 100 calories and cut out coffee totally for the day. The trade was made. I enjoyed the chocolate yet didn't eat any more calories than normal.

To maintain weight this is the approach you must make in everyday eating decisions. Sometimes you can indulge and go over your calorie limit, but trade it off in longer and harder exercise to work those unwanted calories off. As long as you stay mindful of the total calories you consume, you can adjust your living and remain at a healthy weight range.

I will never go back to being fat. I have learnt a lesson that I can now apply to the rest of my life, which will now be a lot longer and happier without all that excess baggage.


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