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One More Positive Step

Another kilo lost this past week confirms that counting calories is certainly a good way to lose that flab I carried around for a few years.

weighin 21-10-07Todays weigh-in shows the scales at 87 kilos or 13 stone 12 pounds. Down 1 kilo or 2 pounds from last week. Another good result and a plus for eating healthy food and sticking to around 1500 calories per day. At this rate I will meet my mini goal of being under 85 kilos by the 1st of December easily.

Just a few observations for the week.

Whenever I feel hungry, having a drink of water seems to satisfy the hungry feeling. I have read that sometimes you might feel hungry but what you are is actually dehydrated. Drinking water is a good thing anyway as most of us do not drink enough water.

I seem to be able to eat all the vegetables I want and still lose weight. I have large servings some nights of stir fry vegetables, certainly more than an average serve and this satisfies me for a few days.

I caught my wife looking at me in a way she hasn't for a long time. Could be some romantic weekends coming up if I lose a few more kilos!


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