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One for the sweet tooths

I don't consider counting calories as a diet. What I am doing is training myself for a lifestyle change once I attain my goal weight. You lose weight by eating fewer calories than is required for your height and age. You maintain a good weight range by only eating the amount of calories experts suggest. If you go over one day, you adjust accordingly over the week to compensate and maintain your healthy weight range. Simple!

By counting calories I know what I can eat and what will blow my daily allowance. It's like knowing that you can have a small piece of chocolate, but eating the whole block is why I was so fat in the first place.

tic tacsFor most of us, eating salads and staying away from the fatty pastries, ice cream and chocolates is hard. We have trained our taste buds to look for those foods and anything not sweet or full of fat tastes like, well yukky. But there are some things that can help.

Counting calories is also a good way to find things you can eat and enjoy. One of them is those tiny Tic Tacs. They are sweet, will satisfy your cravings and they are only 25 calories for the whole packet. They contain just 1 calorie per pellet.

Now there is something for those who are struggling to keep their craving for sweet things out of the picture. Have a Tic Tac or 2. They won't blow your daily calorie allowance.


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