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Moving Forward

weighin 8-04-08
Believing in what you are doing eventually brings results and I have moved in the right direction again after seeming to plateau for 3 weeks.

This week I weigh in at 75.75 kilos or 166.65 pounds. Down from last weeks weight of 77 kilos. A weight loss of 1.25 kilos and just .75 of a kilo from away my goal.

The unfortunate thing is that many people give in when they get stuck on a certain weight, saying to themselves that "this isn't working" and take on old habits that caused their weight problems in the first place. Reaching a plateau is perfectly normal in the weight loss regime, you must expect it will happen somewhere during your program and believe in what you are doing to keep moving forward.

What it does prove to me is that I can cope for the rest of my life and maintain good healthy eating habits. After all, it must be a life change that is made, not just a quick weight loss and then revert back to old bad habits.

Another thing that is so important is to learn what good food is and what bad food is. Usually bad food is full of fat but tastes good, that's why things like potato chips are so tempting. Yet after being on a weight watch for some time, good food is starting to taste very good. I love salads and the fresh taste of green vegetables. Chicken and fish are delicious steamed. You don't need that fat laden batter wrapped around them to make them taste good.

So I will finish the post this week by noticing that good eating habits eventually become part of an everyday routine. Add that with some invigorating exercise and you will feel 20 years younger. I certainly feel younger and today was such a bonus to see a weight loss of just over 1 kilo for the week.


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