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How to get yourself excited.

weighin-14-04-08One way to get yourself excited is to be so close to your weight loss goal that you can smell it. This week sees the scales just half a kilo or one pound away from that 75 kilos goal I set back last august.

The excitement I feel is more for the fact that when I look back, it is not just the weight loss that is important, it is also about how I have learnt to eat and exercise so that quality of life is so much better than before.

I am excited as I feel so healthy. I can walk for more than an hour without feeling the least bit tired. I can jog for a few hundred yards and not have to lay down for the rest of the day. My blood pressure is normal, cholesterol levels great and every aspect of my life is so much more enjoyable.

So how can you get yourself excited? Deeply look at yourself and then set a goal. Write that goal down and then start working toward it. Little changes in your lifestyle will make a huge difference and with each positive step you make toward that goal, the excitement inside of you will grow and grow.

The best way to get excited is to lose weight and feel great!


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