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Heart Exercise

I was reading an article on lowering cholesterol naturally the other day. The main point that stood out was the need to eat foods low in animal fat and get regular exercise. A study concluded that people could naturally lower their cholesterol levels by up to 20% following a healthy diet which includes soy, fruit, nuts and grains such as oats.

Today we can buy foods that contain omega 3 oils and do a little research into everything we eat. We have at our finger tips, literally, all the information needed to get ourselves naturally healthy. Yep, we can do a google and up comes thousands of articles that can help us on our journey. So what stops us?

Lowering cholesterol naturally sometimes means changing our lifestyle patterns. Last night I was going to go out to watch the lunar eclipse, we decided to grab something to eat for dinner on the way and normally it would be a maccas meal, fish and chips or some other fast food full of fat. Thankfully I can now stop and think about what I am cramming down my throat so chose an alternative fast food that is so much healthier, Subway.

Which leads me to another thought, those old sandwiches my mother made many years ago when we went for a picnic wasn't that bad after all. You know what a picnic is, where the whole family went to a park and played ball, flew a kite and enjoyed a day together, and Mom took a basket filled with home made sandwiches, salad and fruit. Today’s families either grab lunch from the nearest take away or have a barbeque that drips fat.

Way back then, there weren’t any fast food places such as maccas. Most shops were closed on Sundays and the owners were probably at the park having a picnic with their families. Maybe that's why the oldies never worried about such things as high cholesterol, they naturally ate healthier anyway.


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