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Floods Upset Weight Loss

We have had some wild weather our way over the last week with our town being severely damaged by flooding after a week of torrential rain. Would you believe that we received 14 inches of rain in just 6 hours one night, which proved to great for the river which burst it's banks and flooded over 1000 houses and businesses within the town area.

Luckily, we are located on a ridge and were untouched by the flooding. The only problem we have had is being housebound for a week and having our exercise program restricted to indoor activity. This is really nothing, compared to the damage that the town has taken, but through it all we have maintained weight this week. No loss or no gain.

Hopefully the weather will clear again soon as the monsoon trough moves north. Our problem for the town now is a cyclone forming as the trough moves over the sea. For now we must cross our fingers, and pray that the monsoon trough will break down and the town can dry out.


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