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Drink More Water

Are you one of those people who reach for a coffee or "Coke" when you feel thirsty? If you are, you are doing yourself more harm than good and missing something natural and good for you.

The benefits of drinking water are huge, especially if you are overweight. The human body is actually made up of roughly 70% water and we need that water to maintain our blood health, which is amazingly 83% water.

Drinking plenty of water will thin the blood naturally. Thick blood makes the heart work harder so you are more prone to heart attack and stroke. Now there is a benefit in itself and perhaps the main reason to drink more water and less coffee and coke.

But if you really want to lose weight then drinking water has to be high on your must do list. Let's face it, drinking coffe or sugar laden soft drinks just put calories into your body and water contains no calories or other health harming ingredients. Most of the time when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty, so taking a drink of water usually makes you feel less hungry so you are not inclined to eat.

If you think you need a caffiene boost to stay awake or alert, you are actually dehydrated and your body is crying out for water. Studies have shown that drinking water at these times instead of the caffiene fix will boost your energy levels and make your brain clear. Understandable when you realize your brain is 75% water to start with, so if the level drops it needs replacing to work efficiently.

The benefits of drinking water are immense. It is a natural fluid that most of us can get from turning on a tap. It costs virtually nothing and is essential to life.

Just drink more water for a month instead of the tea, coffe and soda drinks. You will soon know how good it is after that and will always drink plenty from there on in.


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