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December 21, 2008

Weight Loss Game

Kalorie King Online Game
Losing weight can be a long hard slog with rich rewards at the end of the road. It may not always be a ton of fun to count calories and shun those bad foods, but I just came across a fun online game that actually sums up the weight loss battle well.

Kalorie King is a calorie counting game where you throw away the bad food and only eat good food in a fun way that can only make you smile. You have a bowl and such down some junk food from the game platform above your head and then throw it up making matches of 3 or more similar types, they then dislodge from the board and cascade to the floor, eliminating them from the screen. But of course there is a catch. As they fall if bad food goes into your bowl, you gain the foods equivalent calories and put on weight. If you catch only good food, you lose weight.

Kalorie King is really just simulation real life for weight watchers. Eat the bad food put on weight. No difference in the real world or in an online game.

Kalorie King Online!

Toddle on over to itexpressions.com and play the calorie counting weight loss game online and see if you can become the Biggest Loser.

December 28, 2008

Bad Time For Weight Watchers

I hope everybody enjoyed Christmas and the New Year will bring you joy and peace. Unfortunately for us weight watchers, Christmas can spell trouble and with all the yummy food there is to tempt even the most hardened dieter, a few extra kilos can easily be gained at this time of the year.

I really don't think anyone should worry about their weight at this time of the year. It is "the season to be jolly" as the Christmas carol goes, so why spoil that time worrying what to eat,or more to the point, what not to eat. Just enjoy yourself, without making an absolute pig of yourself, and worry about an extra kilo or so after the season is over.

Putting on one or two extra kilos at this time of the year should be expected and a few brisk walks should get rid of those extra pounds in no time at all. It is when you keep eating like the festive season has no end that your problems begin again, and all that weight that you have work hard to shed and been so proud to lose, piles back on and once again you face a long road to recover.

If you remember to have a good time without going overboard, you will stay in control. You certainly can have a piece of chocolate or that serving of sweets; just don't go back for second helpings. Remember to go for a walk and above all remember that losing weight is a life style change, so don't fall back into all those bad habits that got you into trouble in the first place.

You can enjoy Christmas as much as anybody else, because Christmas is about the joy of sharing experiences with friends and family, it doesn't mean eating as much junk food as you can fit in your stomach.

Have a great Christmas and a healthy and slim New Year.

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