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December 3, 2007

Weighin 3-12-07

weighin03-12-07Today was a small figure but it's still in the right direction. Just 250 grams loss for the week but I did expect that considering the huge weight loss last week.

Today the scales told me I was 82.25 kilos, down from last week's 85.5 kilos. Considering my goal was to be less than 85 kilos by the first of December, I am really satisfied how everything is progressing.

That final goal is not far away now. 75 kilos seemed like it would take a year to achieve and that is what I did allow when first setting that goal. I think that can be attained much earlier now.

December 10, 2007

Weight Plateau

weighin10-12-07My weight loss seems to have really slowed down over the past 2 weeks. This week I have lost another 250 grams or about half a pound and I am starting to wonder if I am experiencing a weight plateau.

If it is a weight plateau there is nothing wrong with that. I just need to find a few different ways to kick my metabolism in the butt and get it moving in the right direction again. One thing I know for sure is that what I have been doing to lose weight is right and I will not change my eating habits.

What I will try this week is to add a bit more variety to my exercise, perhaps an afternoon workout at the gym or an extra short walk. You know, just mix it up a little and see what happens.

Of course the weight may not be coming off as fast now as we have been experiencing some very hot and humid weather, so I have been drinking a lot more water. It could be fluid retention that is causing the plateau.

Whatever the cause I am not overly worried. I still lost a little weight for the week and am still way under where I wanted to be at this time. Everything is still very positive and heading in the right direction.

December 13, 2007

Know What You Want Tip #3

One of the worst things that a person can do is to want to lose weight, then never committing themselves to a goal. I bet you have heard someone say that they are going to lose weight and if you ask how much, they would look at you as if you just said something stupid.

If you don't know where you are going, you’re aimless. It's like going to sea in a boat without a rudder; you just float aimlessly around going nowhere in particular. Same story if you want to lose weight. If you don't know how much you want to lose, chances are you won't lose anything.

Do yourself a favor. Before you start on a weigh loss program, weigh yourself and find out exactly what you weigh. If you don't know what you weigh right now, how the heck are you ever going to know if your actually losing weight? Don't kid yourself that you will know if your clothes get loose or some other malarkey like that; you need to know exactly what you weigh now so you can set a goal to what you want to be down the track.

Next, sit down and realistically set yourself an achievable goal. Let's say for instance you are 15 stone, perhaps you can set a goal to be 12 stone in 12 months time. That's a weight loss of 3 stone.

Then set some mini goals. 3 stone in 12 months is a weight loss of 1 stone every 4 months, so an achievable mini goal would be to be to hit 14 stone at the end of the first 4 months. If you break that down even further it works out around 1 pound a week. Not so hard when you break it down like that is it? But if you don’t know what you weigh from the start, you can’t set goals can you?

You should know where you want to go before you go on a holiday journey and it's the same with anything in life. When you want to save money for something you always seem to know the price of the goods you want to buy.

Losing weight is no different. You need to know where you are today, and then set a destination so you know where you want to go. Make a commitment. Set a goal!

December 18, 2007

Weigh In Day 18 December 2007

The year is rapidly fading and so is the fat on this body. Weighin today saw the scale down another half kilo or 1 pound. Fantastic.

Today's weight is 81.5 kilos or 179 pounds. Total weight loss to date is 15.7 kilos equivalent to just on 39 pounds.

After a few weeks of almost no results, to lose a pound feels as if I am back on track once more. The real positives to date have been the lifestyle changes that I have instigated which will stay with me now forever.

Gone is that not so jolly fat fellow for good. I am really lookiing forward to the day that I post my after photo for all to see. Just 6 1/2 kilos to go to reach my weight goal. I feel good.

My apologies for not posting an image of the scales today. We are experiencing problems uploading the image file at this time and will keep trying.

December 24, 2007

Another Small Positive Step

Todays weigh in saw another half pound less, or a weight loss of .25 of a kilo. Not a big number, yet still a step in the right direction. Today I weighed 81.25 kilos or 178.75 pounds.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I am not going to count calories or worry about my weight. Christmas Day is a day to enjoy the family, have a nice meal and appreciate your lot in life. I won't make a pig of myself, but certainly won't shun foods that I haven't touched for a long time. I am looking forward to having some apple pie and custard.

I don't think that one day is going to ruin my weight loss program, and Christmas Dinner is really just one meal. Of course, Boxing Day will see my calculating those calories once more and working toward my overall weight loss goal.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great time and enjoy!

(PS. Still haven't fixed the image problem so will post the scales images as soon as possible.)

December 26, 2007


Isn't control a fascinating word? For me, it conjures up a vision of something solid, reliable and steady, like a policeman directing traffic.

When we take a journey to lose weight, we certainly need control. We need to control our food intake and we need self control so that we don't break our resolve and slide back to those bad habits that put on the weight in the first place.

The first control we need to consider is portion control. This is one of the hardest controls to manage as portion size is crucial to weight loss. It's like the boy with his finger in the dyke, if you don't reduce the flow of food into your stomach you get flooded with calories and the weight stacks up and up. If this wasn't a problem for you, you wouldn't be reading this.

You really do need to read the labels on the side of food packaging and consider what they recommend as a serving size. If you go to MacDonnell’s, just order the smallest size meal and you will realize what portion control really means. It's those jumbo sized meals or the second helping that has caused your weight problem.

And that leads us directly to the second control you must consider if you want to lose weight, SELF CONTROL!

You need self control to buy that small Maccas meal, or to push the plate away after one helping. You need self control to do some exercise every day to burn unwanted calories. You need self control to say no to foods that are full of fat and full of calories.

Ask yourself what or who caused you to get fat in the first place. Answer it honestly and you will see that the person responsible is nobody else but you. And it was because you had no control. You didn't demonstrate portion control and you certainly didn't demonstrate an ounce of self control.

Take control over your weight starting today. You can do it!

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