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August 9, 2007

Start Losing Weight Day One

Today is the day that I start recording the steps I am undertaking on the road to a slimmer and healthier person. I will write down my goals for all to see and make a daily record in the blog on what I have done for the day toward achieving that goal. As this is the first post, I need to put down my starting weight so that you can see my progress. I will weigh in once a week, every week until I reach my goal.

Starting WeightStarting Weight: 97.2 Kilograms - 213.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 75 kilos - 165 lbs
Desired Weight Loss = 22.2 kilos - 48.8 lbs
Finish Date: 06/30/2008

Well there it is. I have put that all down and now you can see if I keep to my word. If there ever was motivation for losing weight, then telling the world what you are about to do is certainly way up there.

It feels good to write down your goals and make a firm decision to undertake any life changing event. If you want to save money, find a new job or lose weight, like I an doing, write down all your goals so that you know firmly what you want to achieve. You may not have to go to the trouble of starting a blog to tell the world, but show what you want to achieve to your partner or a close friend so they can support you. It's easier if you have somebody in your corner to keep you motivated and to encourage you to stick to your plan.

Please come back often and leave a comment in the blog to encourage me. If you have a few hints that can help, share it with us all. There are many who might like to join the challenge and work toward their own goals that you can help.

August 10, 2007

Walking to Lose Weight

It was a lovely morning for a walk. We were up early and looking forward to the exercise and the fresh ocean air. We live in one of the world's most beautiful tropical places which many feel is a half a step away from paradise. Mackay, Queensland, Australia is indeed very special.

walking.jpgThe walk we take is about 30 minutes one way and 30 minutes return. It follows the road across the breakwater constructed to form the Mackay Marina. You can imgine the walk, the ocean on one side of the road and the marina on the other. Absolutely beautiful.

Quite often we see marine life and will take a camera with us always, just in case something pops it's head above water. We quite often see a turtle and hope we can get a picture one day to show.

Walking for at least 30 minutes a day is regarded as a great form of exercise and burns off around 100 to 150 calories, depending on your weight. So I burn around 300 calories which is about what I consume for lunch each day. That's a great way to burn calories and lose weight. As I become fitter I will walk faster which will burn more calories.

I have been watching what I eat and keeping food consumption down to under 1500 calories per day since I got back from holidays. I actually put weight on during the holiday, 3 kilos, so have to work it all off and more. My weight the other day was down to 97.2 kilos. I will weigh in again in 3 days.

I have been eating healthy, fish and salads, which will also help my cholesterol problem. That's enough for today, see you again tomorrow.

August 12, 2007

I think it's working

Just a few days into my weight loss program and I can feel my clothes slightly looser already. I haven't weighed myself as yet, that comes tomorrow moning, but you know by your clothes that it's working. Just as you know by your clothes when you put weight on.

We have been eating delicious dinners which are low in calories and will continue to lose weight naturally, not following fad diets. I want to avoid fatty food while eating a little healthier and to that aim we have incorporated fish such as tuna and salmon where we can. They are high in Omega 3 oils which will help lower my cholesterol level. With the exercise, weight loss and healthy eating, hopefully I can reduce the medication that I take for cholesterol.

Here is a great recipe that my partner makes with tuna and pasta. It is really delicious, the pasta makes you feel satisfied and the tuna is so good for health.

Yesterday I had a fair workout in the gym. Walking is great but they say that humping weights will burn more calories, so I will try to mix up my exercise with walking, a gym session or 2 each week and a game of golf. Mixing it up will also keep me from being bored with the one type of exercise.

August 13, 2007

First Weigh In Day

I decided to make every Monday morning weigh in day to see the progress of my weight loss program. So here it is ...

Todays wieght is 95.2 kilos or 209 lbs. My starting weight was 97.2 kilos.

This is a weight loss of 2 kilos or 4.4 lbs since starting on my program. Great start and I am certainly happy by the result. Wooooo Hoooooo. Okay so it's only two kilos, but remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

I am also happy that I decided to go with the program that I am doing as if a person goes to Jenny Craig, or takes diet drinks, etc, one day they have to rejoin the real world and eat normally and that is when they usually put all the weight back on. I am learning to watch what I eat and consider the calories in food before I put it into my mouth, so am totally aware what is going in.

Television series such as the Biggest Loser tackles weight loss in the same manner, teaching contestants to count calories and exercising hard to burn more calories than they comsume. I consider that their program a bit drastic, in that their weight loss is very quick and could be harmful to health.

Gradual weight loss over a longer period is ideal and is flexible so that a person can go out for dinner sometimes and eat without counting the calories, but working hard during the week to compensate for the added calories.

This week I have kept calories to a maximum 1500 per day, which is around ideal for gradual weight loss when combined with moderate exercise. I have included chicken and fish into the diet and will continue to eat sensibly, staying away from fatty fried food in particular.

It feels good to lose those 2 kilos. I have taken the first step toward meeting my goal of losing 20 kilos over 12 months. Now to lose another kilo during this week.

August 16, 2007

Counting Calories

It is possible that by counting calories you can lose weight without changing your diet habits or exercise regime. Just by knowing how many calories you consume and making sure that you don't eat more than your body needs, weight loss can be possible.

Most overweight people eat too much, that's how they got to be overweight in the first place. So if you reverse that situation and eat less than what your body needs, you will lose weight.

If you take the time to see how many calories are in the food you eat, you will soon know what you are eating without having to read the labels or carry a book around with you. It's fairly simple to remember the calories a slice of white bread contains or how many calories in that bucket of chips. You don't need to be one hundred percent accurate either. If you are out by ten percent it's not really going to spoil the overall benefit of counting calories to lose weight.

Men need over 1500 calories per day, so if you want to lose weight keep your calorie count under 1500. Women need less than men so keeping a womens calorie count down around 1000 will do the same for them.

So if you want a chocolate cookie, remember that it costs about 120 calories of your daily allowance. Can you eat it, of course you can as long as you trade off other food.

Diets don't have to be absolute misery, they just need you to watch the amount that goes into your mouth. Count calories, then eat what you want up to your calorie limit.

August 17, 2007


I have found vegetables to be a good friend since deciding to lose weight. Whenever I feel empty I have more vegetables on my plate to bulk my belly up without consuming many calories.

Vegetables have other great benefits also, they are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and make the bowels work. Something that men need to consider because men are more susceptible to bowel cancer.

You rarely see an overweight vegetarian, so right there we should pay more attention to putting more vegetables into our diet. Every serve of vegetables is only around 20 calories on average. So you can see how, let's say, a serve of carrots, cabbage, broccoli and peas would be nice and filling, yet be only around one hundred calories. Pretty good figures really.

Add the fact there is almost not fat, no cholesterol, yet high in essential vitamins, we have something we should consider eating much more.

Want to lose weight? Put more veggies on your plate and less meat. They taste delicious and are very good for you too.

August 19, 2007

Weight Watchers Meals

My wife has been touting the benefits of eating those frozen packaged meals you find in the supermarkets for some time. Mainly because they are quick meals with no preparation needed. For a busy woman they are ideal.

I have been trying to avoid them because they are small and I thought they would taste like cardboard and I would be hungry again in half an hour. Finally I agreed to try them, mainly because the weight watchers brand had only 350 to 450 calories per meal, depending on the variety.

I was actually amazed yeaterday when selecting a chicken curry how good it tasted. Yes, I really enjoyed the meal and it was enough for lunch. Containing 350 calories they fit in perfectly with my eating program, are tasty, low in calories, low in cholesterol and easy for my wife. A win situation for all.

I am not trying to plug the weight watchers brand over another. My point here is that they are a controlled meal and when you are counting calories they are ideal as you know exactly what you are putting into your stomach, which is the main point in counting calories.

What this means to me is that I have found a supermarket meal that tastes great, is affordable and calorie controlled. They will fit nicely with my weight loss program and provide variety from salads and vegetables.

Losing weight doesn't mean your meals have to be boring.

August 20, 2007

Positive News

Today was weigh in day again and I am so glad to say that I have lost weight again this week. Todays weight is 94.4 kilos or 207.6 lbs. Down from last weeks weight of 95.2 kilos.

Weight loss for the week is .8 of a kilo or 1.76 pounds. I would have liked to see a full kilo but that's a loss and that's what I want to see, a gradual loss.

While there is a long way to go to get to my goal of 75 kilos, I am on the right track. Eating healthy does lose weight and I am actually enjoying the food I eat.

I also visited my doctor this morning to get a few sunspots checked. He froze 6 sunspots off which won't turn into skin cancers now. I mention the doctors visit because my blood pressure has improved from the last visit. Now that's a direct result of weight loss plus exercise.

This week I am going to reinforce the healthy eating program and looking forward to trying different foods with low calories and low fat content. It is exciting actually to read the nutritional value of food and to look up on the internet just what benefits that food gives to your overall health.

I feel good, I hope you do also.

August 23, 2007

Steamed food

Tefal steamerWe purchased an electric steamer so that we can cook our food a little more healthier and I am quite surprised with the way that food cooked this way tastes.

First night we cooked a boned rolled chicken, which was seasoned with herbs and added potatoes, carrots and green vegetables. Normally you would roast or bake a chicken roll and cook it in fat with roast potatoes, etc. Doing it in the steamer, it cooked just as good as a roast without the added calories of the fat. And it tasted just like a roast dinner. This probably saved about 200 calories just steaming everything. A good saving without sacrificing the taste.

I am starting to like the way we are taking our food. Thinking how many calories are in a certain food certainly keeps you away from the junk food.

The night before we were a little rushed for time and decided to get some fast food. We headed straight for Subway instead of McDonalds or some other fatty food place. Grabbed a sub and drove to the beach to eat it before heading for home. It was delicious, low in calories and the ocean looked beautiful just on sundown. The great part is that we can live a fairly normal lifestyle yet still maintain a healthy eating regime. Fast food doesn't have to mean junk food.

August 25, 2007

Heart milk

One of the places that I can cut down on calories is the milk I put into my coffee and tea. I have around 6 cups per day, so the calories add up if I use full cream milk. Full cream milk contains around 65 calories per 100 mls, which is roughly the amount which goes into my large coffee mug. That’s almost 400 calories a day consumed just in coffee and tea. I need to lower those calories.

Milk that's good for your heartWhile searching the cooler at the supermarket, looking for a light milk that tastes as good as full cream milk, I discovered Heart Active Milk. Heart Active Milk contains plant sterols, which according to research, lowers cholesterol.

Now thinking how I can naturally lower my cholesterol level without giving up too much of my lifestyle, this seems to fit perfectly into my eating habits. I love my coffee breaks during the day and Heart Active Milk contains little fat, 40 calories per 100 mls, plus the added benefit of the cholesterol lowering plant sterols. Sounds good, but does it taste good too?

Well why not give it a try, so into the basket it went and at home I was pleasantly surprised that there is little taste difference to full cream milk. Another benefit that this Heart Active Milk contains is high calcium, so it's not only good for men, women will find it a useful product also.

Now let’s recap: Heart Active Milk contains;
45 Calories per 100 mls
0.32 grams plant sterols
123 mg calcium

By using Heart Active milk in my coffee, I can lower my calorie intake by roughly 150 calories per day plus lower my cholesterol, according to their guidelines, by 15 % over a 3 week period. I'm sold.

Perhaps this could be a good choice for you also, just remember to check with your doctor to make sure it's a good product for you, but it certainly seems a good substitute for full cream milk to cut down on those calories without hurting taste.

August 27, 2007

Another Step

It's weigh in day again and I have lost a little more weight. I feel great and the positive encouragement that I am receiving from family and friends is fantastic.

weighin-2708.jpgSo what was my weight today.

Last week I weighed in at 94.4 kilos or 207.6 lbs. Today I jumped on the scales and weighed 93.9 kilos, which is 206.58 lbs. Total loss for the week half a kilogram or one pound.

I like that result because I did got to a resturant during the week for a large steak and last night we had a family roast dinner with all the trimmings. I lived and ate fairly normally and still managed to lose weight.

Another positive health step on the road to a slimmer body and untangled mind.

August 29, 2007

Heart Exercise

I was reading an article on lowering cholesterol naturally the other day. The main point that stood out was the need to eat foods low in animal fat and get regular exercise. A study concluded that people could naturally lower their cholesterol levels by up to 20% following a healthy diet which includes soy, fruit, nuts and grains such as oats.

Today we can buy foods that contain omega 3 oils and do a little research into everything we eat. We have at our finger tips, literally, all the information needed to get ourselves naturally healthy. Yep, we can do a google and up comes thousands of articles that can help us on our journey. So what stops us?

Lowering cholesterol naturally sometimes means changing our lifestyle patterns. Last night I was going to go out to watch the lunar eclipse, we decided to grab something to eat for dinner on the way and normally it would be a maccas meal, fish and chips or some other fast food full of fat. Thankfully I can now stop and think about what I am cramming down my throat so chose an alternative fast food that is so much healthier, Subway.

Which leads me to another thought, those old sandwiches my mother made many years ago when we went for a picnic wasn't that bad after all. You know what a picnic is, where the whole family went to a park and played ball, flew a kite and enjoyed a day together, and Mom took a basket filled with home made sandwiches, salad and fruit. Today’s families either grab lunch from the nearest take away or have a barbeque that drips fat.

Way back then, there weren’t any fast food places such as maccas. Most shops were closed on Sundays and the owners were probably at the park having a picnic with their families. Maybe that's why the oldies never worried about such things as high cholesterol, they naturally ate healthier anyway.

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