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Every website should have a little about the people or company behind the scenes. This is Positive Health Steps "about page".


About the people behind Positive Health Steps

Hi, I'm John and my partners name is Tanya. Some year ago we developed a successful website called Positive Steps, devoted to positive thinking. Unfortunately, due to external work commitments and time constraints I couldn't continue editing the site and closed it down. A decision I have regretted until this day. Yet at the time, the decision was right as it made many things possible that would perhaps never have happened otherwise.

I'm happy to say that now I can again build a website and devote as much time as I want to it, as those work commitments are gone and I am kind of retired. I have the backing of my lovely partner Tanya, who has a degree in I.T. So I am in good hands and ready for a rewarding challenge.

I have studied and obtained a Diploma in Behavioral Counseling, but my real love is writing and photography. I am passionate about being a positive thinker and will use this site to battle my weight and cholesterol problem. I am hoping to motivate others to join me in making their lives healthier and more positive at the same time.

My partner Tanya is also going to undertake the weight loss challenge with me and she will give a woman's perspective through her own blog, so join us regularly to see our progress. We hope to keep you up to date and will take a few pictures of events that are happening, or a shot of something we feel may interest you along the way.

To me sharing is everything. It is my hope that the knowledge that I can share with others will change someone's life. So please enjoy our website and take the time to leave your footprints by making a comment on the blog.

If you need a little help with photography, Tanya has a website that will be just what you need. Tanya not only takes most of the photos that are on Positivehealthsteps, but also loves helping others. She knows what she is talking about and relays her knowledge in an easy understandable manner.

Stay healthy and happy.


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